Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

Resolution for your different new year

a few days into the new year we should be able to make a resolution for that year.
hear, i want to give you all some suggestions to change your appearance
enjoy it :)

you will still look beautiful with heels from pedro

messy look = irregular casual

fun ways to look mix and match with your boy friend

 use that cardigan into upside-down

wear item from your mom and dad ?? why not..

this ankle boots very very make me feel so jealous,don't you ?

school's dress code,, mmm not boring you ?

what do you think? i think i will take this style for my year book :) (edgy indie)

why don't you wear this camel pants for your holiday. it's so hot girl !

Voila.. now you can freely express in 2011 :))

*all of that picture i took from @gadismagz

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